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Travel technology and ST-Globe

By stglobe

Technology makes ST-Globe’s operations run smoothly and efficiently, but it’s the human element that makes us stand out. Being on the wholesale side of the travel industry means that we don’t deal anonymously with millions of travelers, but that we seek to connect travel agents and hotels from around the world not only through our sophisticated and custom-made systems but also through human contact, through hard work, through being available for the people that trust us and do business with us.

Of course, ST-Globe does not shy away from using advanced technologies that help us serve thousands of travel professionals around the globe. As our needs are unique, our main operations use software that was written specifically for us for almost everything: from price production and input to statistics and from accounting to analytics, everything is driven by sophisticated software that allows us full control of our operations.

What’s most important is that our decisions are driven both by intuition and data. While it is important to discern trends in the numbers and while our teams make sure that we are aware of every little detail of what our customers and associates need and want, our decisions are still part data and part of good-old customer care. This approach helps us not only to respond to our customers’ needs but also to anticipate them. We’re not just in the business of providing solutions, we’re also in the business of serving our customers in ways they haven’t thought to ask for, but can absolutely make their own business better.

That is why you’ll often find our employees meeting clients in person (well, not so much these days) or being on the phone with clients. Despite the fact that the bulk of communication happens via email, we still think that it is imperative to have some personal presence, it is imperative for the customers to know who we are and how we do business.

We recently overhauled our platform for exactly these reasons. It became easier than ever for us to perform our operations, for our customers to have full control of how they do business with us and for new entries to find various ways to maximize their profits. But the process is always ongoing and we can only improve from here.