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Stay focused when working from home

By stglobe

During these difficult times, a lot of people will have to keep on doing their jobs away from their offices at home. Although it is great working from home there are some rules you can follow to stay in time with your ongoing projects and to keep you inspired and a lot get distracted or lose motivation.

1) Create a workspace
Not everybody has the luxury to have a dedicated room at home for an office.
Try to create a space that is clean from any distractions and that you feel comfortable working. Don’ t make the couch you workspace cause is not good for your body. Get a desk and a chair and use them. Try to put boundaries between “home” and “work”. Just a small area in the house that inspires you to call it “office” is good enough.

2) Work out before getting started
Exercise can help you improve your mood and increase your energy. Try to work out indoors or even go for a 20’ min. walk around the block before starting your workday. Changing scenery and breathing fresh air will help your inspiration and will spice up your working mood.

3) Reward your self
Who said that rewards are just for kids? Promise yourself by the end of a project that you spend time watching your favorite show or that you get a nice coffee from your favorite coffee shop. The anticipation brings more motivation and it will help you work faster. So give yourself small treats to keep up the good work.

4) Take control of your social media
Although by using your Facebook account you might be able to keep in touch with your friends it can also be unproductive. Chatting with your colleagues for a project is really helpful to achieve your goal but looking at friends' pictures from last summer it might not be such a help. So if you are going to check your social media during work do it but on a scheduled time!

5) Take a break
Taking frequent breaks helps to keep up motivation and productivity. Try to stay focused and work on a project by putting an alarm every 30’ - 40’ min. and then take a break for another 10’ min. Of course, the working period an the last of your break depends on your personal preferences.

6) Build a regular contact time with people
Working from home means fewer distractions but it shouldn’t mean isolation. To make sure you stay motivated and productive you have to set contact groups with fellow co-workers. Try to create steps of regular human interaction. Over time, you will discover the right levels of interaction that build your managers’ trust in your productivity and prevent micromanagement on their part. You want to avoid distractions but not to disappear.

Find ways to motivate yourself to work positively. Set up a workspace comfortable to you and appropriate for your work. Organize your day as you would at the office. Create to-do-lists and follow them. Keep the lines of communication open between you and your boss and your team members.

Doing too much can be as problematic as doing too little. So create no-go zones, take regular breaks and do not isolate yourself.