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It’s the wild West out there!

By stglobe

Travelling is a thrilling activity for people who are looking for new experiences, business opportunities, cultures and breath - taking landscapes. At the same time, it is an exciting industry for hoteliers and travel agents who work behind the scenes in order to transform each trip into an unforgettable experience.

When travelling, there is one crucial aspect of the journey that can either elevate your experience or make it an utter disaster. What is it? Well, nothing else than hotel accommodation. Unsatisfied travellers at the hotel reception is definitely an unwanted situation for all parties involved. Most commonly customers blame hoteliers for accommodation that didn’t meet their expectations and hoteliers suffer the consequences although not 100% responsible for causing any particular issue.

Lowest price or value for money?But what is the root of all evil?

Hotels are complex businesses and hoteliers have a lot of challenges to face.Their goal is to secure their revenue and average daily rate.

Their worst enemy? Low occupancy days.

How can a hotel accommodate more travellers from different distribution channels without affecting its brand and its pricing and revenue ?

To add to those challenges, recent market trends shift travellers’ preferences from hotel rooms to other accommodation options such as apartments or rented villas.

How can hotels keep up with the market changes?

The problem is though that direct channels are simply not enough, and hoteliers are reluctant to trust intermediaries for their room distribution.

Hoteliers want a pricing structure that will enable them to secure their ADR even during low occupancy days and are constantly looking for just the right mix of wholesale and retail as well as optimal pricing. But how can they achieve that ?

stglobe as a global wholesaler of hotel accommodation has spent 32 years tailoring its services to hoteliers' demands in order to address each of their challenges. The holy grail is not just best price. Τhe goal is to establish a long-term partnership based on trust and communication. Oh and of course excellent customer service!

Happy travellers at the hotel’s reception desk on every single day of the year is our shared dream. Business growth for hoteliers is our common objective and in this new era, we are even more committed to protecting hotels and enabling them to secure, manage and grow their revenue.