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6 questions with stglobe CEO, Mary Papathanassiou

By stglobe

CEO Mary Papathassiou talks about the new name of Special Tours, stglobe, the new visual identity, the philosophy and the improvements and opportunities behind this ambitious move!

1. Why did you decide to rebrand?

Special Tours has been serving the travel industry for over 30 years with a strong commitment to high quality and a client-centric strategy.

While we are a strong global tourism wholesaler, we recognise that the needs of our customers are changing as technology is also rapidly evolving offering new possibilities and opportunities for our products and services to develop even further.

We felt that now was the right moment to refresh our visual identity and our booking platform to promise great user and booking experience to our existing and new clients!

2. Why stglobe?

Our history of achievements is important to us and that is why we keep it at the heart of our brand as our new name bears the initials of Special Tours. However, our success fuels our drive to become even better than before and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our new name already exists in our clients’ and partners’ mind, as it is the name of our key service, our booking platform. And we wanted our new brand to acknowledge that and celebrate our mentality that puts our clients and partners at the centre of our strategy. We also believe that our new name and visual identity reflect our core brand values: friendliness, trust, innovation, leadership.

3. What changes and what stays the same?

Our fresh, modern and friendly new look marks the beginning of a new era. It is a great vehicle for further growth and it offers us the right tools to go beyond what our customers just need and support them in their business growth.

We aim even higher than before while we remain stable and independent in the fast changing travel industry.

With our new name and visual identity, we celebrate our established presence in the global market as well as our ambition to grow even further.

4. What does this mean for your clients?

By launching our new name and visual identity we offer our clients a modern, fresh and inviting new look, an easy-to-use brand new booking platform and a friendly digital environment that can help them find the best solution for their clients quickly and easily. stglobe will enable them to grow their business by keeping their clients happy!

Our clients will find in stglobe a trusted business partner and a long term business relationship that will enable them to focus on achieving their goals.

5. What does it mean for the stglobe hotel partners?

We believe that great customer experience translates into great results. And that is why we invested in creating an easy-to-use and inviting booking platform.

The new platform and communication approach offer a breadth of new opportunities for greater reach, promotion and engagement with existing and new audiences. And that is something that hotel partners truly value.

Our position though remains: The success of our hotel partners is our success!

6. What is the future of stglobe?

We constantly challenge ourselves to aim even higher than before by investing in technology and innovation while always positioning our clients and partners at the centre of our attention.