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The two types of winter vacation

By stglobe

Do you travel towards winter or away from it? The first couple of hundreds of results when you search for ‘vacations’ in google images are beaches, the sea, coastlines, families or couples swimming, and so on. Vacations are inextricably linked to fair weather, islands or coastal towns, beaches, cocktails, and all that jazz.


Luckily, the world is big enough for us to be able to find summer no matter what time of the year it is. So, if it’s winter where you are, you can easily find thousands of destinations that will offer all the basking in the sun you could ask for.


But not everyone is like that. There are many many people, in fact, that seek winter, embrace it, enjoy it, and indulge in all the good things that winter has to offer: hitting the slopes, enjoying a cup of hot coffee (or cocoa or tea) by the fire, even just walking around the snowy landscapes, taking in the idyllic scenery.


So, in essence, there are two types of winter vacationers: those who want to get as far away from the cold as possible and those who double down on it. It’s not like one choice is better than the other or that the same person can’t make a different choice from winter to winter, if they want a break from their everyday life.


Unsurprisingly, however, there is very little movement from places with fair weather towards the ski slopes and snowy mountains of this world. It’s one thing to get away from the cold of a grim and gray city towards the cold clean air of a mountain and a different thing altogether to leave behind the sunny and warm skies to go stay at a cold place. And, naturally, the major tourist destinations of this world see most of their visitors come when the weather can accommodate all the sightseeing they want to do.