Terms of Use

You are kindly requested to read carefully the following terms and conditions before proceeding with any booking request. Also please consult the terms and conditions that they are mentioned in our services and all relevant documents/computer software.

In no circumstance whatsoever must any Agent or Airline disclose our rates to other Agents, Airlines or Hoteliers. We will regard such an act as an infringement of our working agreement and would have no option but to cancel all reservations held and cease working with such an Agent or Airline.

Booking Procedures

Travel Agencies and Airline companies may proceed with booking requests through “S.T. Globe® Online Bookings ®” and/or via XML protocols.

It is entirely at Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd will to deny access to selected services, countries and/or hotels in order to protect the confidentiality of the rates and the pricing policy of its suppliers.

Bookings are subject to availability at the time of request.

Twin rooms contain two beds. Rooms with a double bed are available upon request. Single rooms contain one bed. Twin or double room for single occupancy is available upon request, by paying the corresponding difference. Triple rooms are basically twin rooms with an extra bed. In many destinations, such as U.S.A. Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, rooms contain two double beds (French type) and accommodate 2, 3 or 4 persons. All rooms have private bathroom or shower. The hotel will decide which room to give the client upon arrival, except if a special room category is booked/prepaid. All rooms categories are strictly Run Of The House.

For bookings for clients travelling with children you are kindly requested to book a suitable type of room officially provided based to hotels constructive capability (i.e. TWCHD , family room, quads etc) or extra number of rooms depending on the number of children /size of family as no extra beds can be usually provided upon arrival.

Relocation. If the original hotel booked is closed, over-booked, has maintenance problems and/or simply cannot provide the room(s) booked, “THE SUPPLIER” will assist “THE CLIENT” and guest(s)/end consumer(s) to accommodate to a similar standard alternative hotel. Once the guest/end consumer or “THE CLIENT” have accepted the alternative - either pre check-in or on-the spot - the reservation is considered confirmed and any cancellation after this may result in cancellation fees or charges. In case “THE CLIENT” or the end consumer does not accept the relocation, “THE SUPPLIER” will refund “THE CLIENT” the total cost of the invoice.

Passenger nationality declaration is mandatory at the time of the request/booking & must be in accordance to the passenger passport. Faulty or no declaration may occur unwilling consequence’s for which STW holds no responsibility. Furthermore if any financial damage may occur because of nationality faulty or no declaration, will be covered by the clients/agents towards their customers or STW in full.

In case a double plus child or twin plus child is booked, a third bed is not guaranteed. If an extra bed is required, a triple room must be booked.

Temporary Access Interruption

Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd can interrupt immediately the access to the STGlobe® Online Bookings System if:

  • There is a Payment Delay
  • Believes that misuse or abuse of the STGlobe® Online Bookings System being caused, allowed or provoked by the Client or behalf of the Client
  • The Client attempts unauthorized alterations on the STGlobe® Online Bookings System or malfunction.
  • Client ‘s access on STGlobe® Online Bookings System causes downgrading on the System or malfunction by the use of STGlobe® Online Bookings System from other users or clients or causes a situation that can lead Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd in a probable or real violation of the agreements with third parties.


If the access on the STGlobe® Online Bookings System is temporary suspended due to one of the above-mentioned reasons, Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd will notify Client the soonest possible. Client must restore the downgrade or malfunction or any other problem caused within 48 hours. If the restoration does not take place within the above-mentioned deadline, Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd has the right to terminate the agreement to the Client or any other third party.

Scheduled Access Interruption. Client recognizes and agrees that Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd has the right to interrupt the STGlobe® Online Bookings System function due to maintenance reasons in several scheduled occasions without any obligation by Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd to compensate the Client.

Special Events

Fairs/Exhibitions, Symposiums, Congresses, Religious-Athletic and Artistic events, Carnival, Easter Christmas and New Year are considered as special events.


Any extension of the passenger’s stay must be requested at least 24 working hours before the check-out date and it will be valid only if there is availability at the hotel. Confirmation of the same price is possible only after receiving it from our supplier. You are kindly requested to inform your clients accordingly before their departure

Take Over

In case of take over, you should reconfirm the prices. The prices listed in our tariff are valid only if the original reservation has been made through our office. We do not take over bookings for passengers already staying at the hotel.


All prices are in local currency and EURO, unless otherwise specified and are valid for Travel Agents and Airline companies only. Rates must be used for the creation of package programs and not to be displayed naked.

Payments should be done in Euro, converting any other currency into Euro by using the exchange rate of the day of the booking. This exchange rate is mentioned on each booking.

Rates are B2B ( wholesaling rates ) valid for F.I.T leisure business only and not to be sold to the End Consumers directly. If any parity rate issue or penalty arises from the hotel or/and 3rd party providers due to incorrect segmentations of these rates, this will be passed to the Agent committed such violation.
Rates are valid up to 9 pax or up to the number each hotel might concern a booking as part of a group. Hotelier has the right to cancel bookings they consider as a group or part of a group or to modify the rates and the booking conditions for such bookings. Offered rates through STGLOBE are valid only for leisure purposes, rates are not valid neither for congress participants nor for corporate accounts or any other kind of travelers might not specified here but does not belong to leisure traveler segment.
Specifically the congress participants are obliged to book their rooms through the congress organizer only and not to use F.I.T. leisure rates for their stay during a congress period. Hotelier has each right to cancel in full without any compensation or alternate solution in such cases and STLGOBE is obliged to comply with hotel’s rules on such case.

All prices are subject to changes without previous notice. Confirmed prices are guaranteed until the option date.Transfer prices include 01 hour maximum waiting time; after this hour the vehicle will be released and new charges will apply. A 30% supplement will apply on all transfers taking place between 21.00 – 07.00, as well as during Public Holidays and Weekends.

Fair/Exhibition and Special Event change of dates, on behalf of the organizers, effect accordingly the hotel rates

Any special offers of free nights, i.e. stay 3 pay 2 etc. are not cumulative and can only be used once. Also, cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotions for the same hotel during the requested period.

Kindly note indicated/confirmed rate is valid exclusively for each reservation, according to relative criteria and time of booking. Rate and rate conditons might vary on a later time of request or should any amendment(s) occur.

Any booking for which an obviously mistaken rate has been circulated through the system by any mean or under any circumstances will be canceled. As obviously mistaken inserted rate can be considered any rate which a reasonable person would not consider to be normal.

Public Holidays for 2022
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New Year's Day
New Year's Day
Good Friday
Epiphany Day
Easter Monday
Clean Monday
May bank holiday
National Holiday
 Jun.2 Spring bank holiday 
Easter Day
Platinum Jubilee bank holiday 
Easter Monday
Summer bank holiday 
Labor Day / May Day
Boxing Day 
Dormition of the Holy Virgin
Christmas Day 
National Holiday
Christmas Day
Second Christmas Day

Hotels listed in our tariff are chosen by taking into consideration their classification, location and price. The hotel’s classification in stars mentioned in our tariff/packages/advertising brochures, is the one stated by the hotel itself and it is possible to be changed at any time.

Remark: All hotel information described in our tariff, is subject to change during the validity of the issue. For more information, please contact our office. Check-in and check-out time is normally at 12 o’clock noon, regardless of the passenger’s arrival or departure.

TWINCHD ROOM BEDDING: Extra bed providing to the TWINCHD type of room is subject to the room configuration of the hotel and/or age of child , otherwise child will share parents bed.


All vouchers issued by our office mention the Agency’s/Airline’s name or logo.

Payment Conditions

Our office must receive full payment at least 3 working days prior to the passenger’s arrival date, unless special agreement, regarding credit facilities, is in effect. Late payment will result in automatic cancellation of the bookings. In case a pre-payment or a down payment is required (Fairs/Exhibitions – Special Events) you will be advised accordingly and any credit facilities that might be existed will not be valid.


  • The credit/debit card to be used is either the Travel Office owner's personal card or the Travel Office company's credit/debit card or the End Consumer’s credit/debit card.
  • The total & prompt payment of a booking by credit/debit card will be subject to surcharge upon the total amount of charge. Currently the surcharge is 0% but STW holds the right to change it at any time without prior notice.
  • The payment by credit/debit card can be done either through the ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM or by sending written authorization to the "THE SUPPLIER" to collect the appropriate sum, stating the name of card holder, the expire date and by sending a copy of both sides of the credit/debit card.
  • In any case and under any circumstances should the Bank refuses to pay any amount for any particular reservation(s), or refunds the Card Holder without our written approval, "THE TRAVEL OFFICE" have to pay in cash the total of the reservation(s) according to our Terms of Cooperation of which the current declaration is of acceptance is an integral part.
Cancellation Conditions

Cancellation deadlines and penalty fees are clearly indicated on “S.T. Globe® Online Bookings ®” and/or via XML protocols.

In case of early check out or Non-Show, the total cost of the nights /services booked will be invoiced, unless the Hotelier / Supplier has accepted and signed differently. Refunds are ONLY possible upon presentation of this Hoteliers / Suppliers confirmation.

Credit Cards

The majority of the hotels, internationally, have established a policy to request the clients’ credit cards as a guarantee for the payment of their EXTRAS. You are kindly requested to inform your clients that they should be very careful and check the bills before signing them and not to accept, under any circumstances, charges for prepaid services described on their vouchers.


Kindly inform your clients to make sure that the hotel/supplier has properly signed and accepted the modification. Refund is possible only upon presentation of both the voucher duly marked and the check out bill. Refund will take place within a week from the passenger’s return.

VISA, Registration Fees

Visa / Registration fees are not included in our Tariff prices. Passengers are personally responsible to issue visas in proper time. For some destinations, passport’s expiry date must be at least 6 months after the passenger’s entry in the country.

In case we issue a Visa Support Letter and the passenger cancel the journey, we 'll charge 20 Euros per Letter + any cost of our Supplier.


Vaccination that may be required in some destinations or during specific periods is at the passenger’s responsibility and expenses.


Any problems that may occur during the passenger’s stay must be reported immediately to Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd, in order for us to try our best and fix, where possible, the problem.

All claims must be reported during the passenger’s stay to the person in charge, in writing and in every possible detail, a copy of which should be given to Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd the soonest. All claims will be carefully examined and answered within a reasonable period of time.


Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd, acting as an organizer, declares to be an intermediary between the passenger and the organizations providing the services included in our Tariff (transportation companies, hotels, airlines, etc.). Special Tours Wholesalers© Sole Proprietorship Ltd, is understood to be responsible for any action or omission of its personnel, but of course has no liability for any embargoes, injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity caused to the passenger by cancellation or interruption of the trip due to bad weather, strikes, war or any other cause beyond its control.

EMERGENCY PHONE [(+30) 694.441.8532] 24/7/365 can be used only in case of book out, not finding the booking during the check-in or payment requests for services already prepaid.

Transaction Terms Acceptance

Issuance of a voucher by our office means simultaneous and with no hesitation acceptance of all above-mentioned terms and conditions.

Applicable Law- Jurisdiction

The Greek Law governs the present conditions. In all cases, competent courts for the settlement of any dispute are the courts of the city of Athens.