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Ten commandments for the good traveler in the times of the coronavirus.

By stglobe


People like vacations. If there’s something most people on the globe have in common, that’s their love for traveling. But this year is a bit different. And there is a good chance we feel a bit hesitant about traveling. But there are ways to keep ourselves safe, to keep other hotel guests safe, to keep the staff safe, as long as we follow these simple guidelines.


  1. Stay informed. Know what is expected of you and what you need to do when you reach your destination. Know in advance what restrictions, if any, have been put in place and how your vacations are going to be affected. If everything goes smoothly, nothing will take away your enjoyment.
  2. Listen to the hotel staff. The people working at your hotel want to help you enjoy yourself and stay safe. And they have more experience on what can or cannot be done.
  3. Respect rules and guidelines. The government, the local authorities, the hotel you’re staying at, the restaurants you’ll visit have all put in place a few protocols for everyone’s safety. These are not mere suggestions, but essential for the well-being of everyone.
  4. Choose your hotel wisely. If you’re interested in your safety, then you’d like to stay at a hotel that takes safety seriously. You should trust more those that go above and beyond to make sure that everyone will have fun and stay healthy.
  5. Bring your own supplies, if you want. The times are weird and we can do some weird things. While it is absolutely not necessary (if you go to a responsible hotel that is) to bring your own pillowcases or disinfectants, you most certainly can do it, if it’s going to bring you some peace of mind.
  6. Don’t be afraid to voice your anxieties. Extraordinary times require extraordinary actions, so don’t hesitate to ask for something that under different circumstances would be considered unusual, especially if you think that it will help you have an even better time.
  7. Remember that you too are responsible for everyone’s safety. Guidelines can go so far. Keep your distance, respect your fellow guests and the staff, be mindful. That last one is just good advice at any time.
  8. Help, if and when you can. Since the situation is unprecedented, you might come across situations that are not ideal. Everyone in the tourism industry is adjusting the way they work and some omissions are possible. You can help them improve.
  9. Reviews are more valuable than ever. They can help you choose the hotel that best suits your needs, the restaurant that will offer you what you are in the mood for. But reviews also help professionals evolve. Just make sure to be constructive and, ideally, your first step would be to offer your review to the hotelier or restaurant manager personally.
  10. Bring your best mood and everything will be perfect. It’s easier to overcome any difficulties if we are in a good mood. Some things will be different from what you’re used to, and that’s good. It means that everyone can stay safe.