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WTM here we come!

By stglobe

With one of the biggest sector events - the WTM 2019 in London- just around the corner, what better time than now to evaluate the presence of stglobe when taking part in major travel industry events!

Why attend sector events?

Our colleagues in the sector will know it very well that attending international events and conferences requires a significant investment while at the same time it is difficult to measure ROI from the company’s presence there. Given this, you might think ‘why bother?’ Well there are some pretty valid reasons why this question is so easy to answer.

1. Representing our clients and partners

Although the stlgobe Sales and Contract teams constantly travel to reach out to our travel agent clients and hotel partners, sector events are key opportunities to get in touch with our colleagues in the sector, expand the stglobe network but most importantly, to represent our partners and boost their position in the global travel market. Promoting our partners in international markets as well as identifying business opportunities is our key objective and a defining reason why we attend such sector events.

2. A great opportunity to meet you in person!

Being a global wholesaler, which recently re-launched booking platform with thousands of users around the world, makes international industry events an opportunity not to be missed in terms of meeting our clients and partners and sharing business development plans and ambitions! These face-to-face meetings and in-person interactions are something that we truly value and quite frankly we wouldn’t miss a chance to discuss our clients and partners’ needs and requirements!

Besides, at stglobe, we are all about customer service and personal approach. So events are one more occasion to get in touch with you, our valued clients and partners.

3. Knowledge sharing that fosters innovation

Innovation is a key objective of stglobe and international events are great instances of ideas sharing and exchange with industry experts around the subject of technology and new or upcoming trends. Piloting and testing new concepts and technology is also something that can easily take place during those events.

4. Supporting the travel industry

Enabling growth in the travel industry is big part of stglobe’s mission statement. Therefore, by attending major sector events we support the industry we operate in and endorse healthy competition and technology innovation!

Stglobe will be an exhibitor at the WTM London in November 2019. For more information about the event, please visit the official WTM website.