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Top five destinations for travelers with disabilities

By stglobe

The tourism industry has a long way to go still to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities, but these past few years major strides have been made. Many major tourist attractions are now wheelchair accessible, whole cities have made it their mission to allow access to their sights to anyone who wishes it, and, what’s more, people are now more aware that this is not just desirable, but necessary.

There are some places that stand out in the way they cater to the needs of people with disabilities. Here are just five of them, even though there are many more.

1.  Barcelona, Spain: It helps that the city is flat and the streets come with wide sidewalks, but even the old town has seen improvements that help people with disabilities navigate the entirety of the city. Furthermore, most of the city’s amazing sights (like the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila and others) are converted in ways that help tourists in wheelchairs enjoy them.

2.  Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Wheelchair accessible beaches, hotels that cater to people with disabilities, amazing sights close by. Playa del Carmen in Mexico has it all. And it’s not just that you can go to the beach. There is equipment to help you swim and go snorkeling. Of course, the Mayan sights nearby offer wheelchair access so that no one is excluded.

3.  Berlin, Germany: The city is committed to help not only the people in wheelchairs, but also the blind and the deaf. Public transport is one example of easy access for everyone, but that’s not all. Hotels, sights, bars and restaurants, parks and squares are designed specifically with one purpose in mind: everyone has to be able to use and enjoy them.

4.  Sicily, Italy: Sicily is a small world of its own, with ancient history and traditions witnessed at every corner. And yet, when it comes to catering to the needs of people with disabilities, Sicily is positively modern. From its hotels to its sights, from its streets to many of its beaches, the choices are endless. People in wheelchairs can visit museums, navigate many of its towns, go scuba diving, and fully enjoy what Sicily has to offer.