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How hotels can thrive

By stglobe

At stglobe we have years of experience in the tourism industry, bringing together hotels and travel agents.

We know exactly what hotels aim for:
• increased occupancy rates
• advanced bookings
• as extended a high season as possible

We are in a position to help hotels achieve their goals, provide them with the tools they need to reach thousands of more travel agents and millions of more potential guests. Our global booking platform will bring hotels closer to more than 12 thousand small and medium-sized travel agents, some offering bespoke services to high-spending customers.

But that’s not all stglobe can do for you. Here are just some of the benefits of using stglobe’s booking platform:
• It is a free marketing channel connecting you to thousands of travel agents.
• It will increase your occupancy rates without dipping into your marketing budget.
• Our platform will allow you to adapt your pricing depending on the market.
• We will protect your revenue and Average Daily Rate.
• Our B2B platform will not affect your direct promotion.

Using the stglobe platform also comes with certain promises; promises we make for your peace of mind:
• We will be discreet, which means consumers will never find out your wholesale prices.
• We will be reliable, with our trained customer representatives always ready to help.
• We will be ethical and clear in our transactions with you.

Try our free 30-day trial and see how stglobe can help your hotel thrive.